5 Things I always have on hand for Crafts

Crafting Item I always have on hand

I thought I would share a list of crafting items I always have around the house and where I get them. I am very thrift so I am always looking for the best price.

Please know that this post contains affiliate links. This just means that if you click on the link and it results in a sale, I get rewarded a small commission, at no extra cost for you. These funds help me keep my blog up and running, so thank you!

Mod Podge

I usually purchase my Mod Podge at Walmart. Right now a 16oz is $6.97. I use it for so many things that I like to always have some on hand. You just never know when you will need it. Right now you can save $2.23 buy purchasing it at Amazon using this link for mod podge.



Hot Glue Gun

I use my hot glue gun for everything from DIY decor to hair ribbons. I never know when I will need it. To me it is a must have for all crafters. You can pick one up just about anywhere. I love Amazon. The convenience of not leaving the house which is a huge plus in the winter with this many children. I have prime so in 2 days it’s here! They have a really nice selection too; Here are some hot glue guns to choose from. While you are here this is the glue I get.


I love to crochet. I make the kids hats every year for the winter. I always have yarn on hand too. I have found over the years that there is such a difference in yarn. I have a favorite that I will share with you. I love it for the feel and how easy it is to work with. My favorite brand is caron.



I grab assorted ribbon when ever I see it on sale. I love to make hair accessories for the girls; also you never know when you will need it for crafts.


Material is like yarn. I always keep my scraps, I just never know when I can use a small piece for something. I use material sometimes for hair bows so those small scraps come in handy. I also grab the fat quarters whenever I see them on sale.



This is what my very messy crafting area looks like. I have always heard people say that designing a masterpiece is controlled chaos. That is so true when I am working on anything; including my kids.


Are there some items that you always have on hand that I didn’t mention? I would love to hear back from you.




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