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My husband and I have 10 kids! Yup you heard me right 10.

To say my life is hectic is an understatement. My house used to be immaculate, then we decided to become foster/adoptive parents. Now three adopted and one foster, soon to be adopted children later, my husband will often say our living room is a hazard to his health. With toys everywhere, he fears tripping and breaking something. Sound familiar? I’m with you, I get it, you are not alone; life with kids can be crazy at times.













With this many children, we must save money if we want to be able to visit Disney as much as we want; which if I could, would be every couple of months; that, of course, is not feasible. This is our favorite place on earth! So much so that I became a travel agent who specializes in Disney destinations to help others to make it to the most magical place on earth.


To save money I frequently coupon, I also use a lot of the apps that give you money back for things you buy regularly as in Ibotta. I use some of the money I save to pay for my crafting passion. I tell myself I am saving us money by making the kids things and refurbishing things for them. I have snatched up furniture and redone it for them and re-purpose furniture too. I’m pretty sure that I have a shopping issue when it comes to consignment stores. I love the thrill of finding something unique at a really cheap price. This should make my husband happy; not so much though. He complains about my bringing “junk” home all the time.

These are just some of my passions, and I can’t wait to share them with you on my blog. If this sounds like you or things you would like to know more about, then stick around, comment on one of my posts and we can chat more then! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Fun fact about me:

Pinterest is one of my favorite pass-times. Have you ever jumped on Pinterest to look for something and an hour later you are still there? That’s me! I enjoy finding new things to try to create. I hope to influence and inspire you with your crafting the way others have me.












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