What to do at Disney with a child under 2

Disney with an Infant or Toddler

Have you wanted to go to Disney but have an infant or toddler and are unsure if you should wait or take them? It is not as impossible as you may think to make it happen. Here are some tips for Disney with a child under 2.


Three years ago, we were planning a trip to Disney to take our 2 children we had just adopted for the first time to celebrate their adoption. It was my husband and I Landon who had already been a couple times and our 2 newest Bakers! We would be at Disney in October. We planned to do MNSSHP. I had dining planned and FP all planned out. August the 19th I get a call from child services. They had a 2-day old baby boy needing a home asap. At my age, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to have a newborn in the house again. I really wasn’t sure I even wanted another child period. My husband and I talked and told the children services that we would take him for now. Spoiler…. we kept him, and he is such an amazing boy, God moves in mysterious ways. Now that I have a newborn I must figure out how I will take him with us to Disney. After calling to let Disney know we would have a newborn with us, now we need to figure out what changes we will be needing to make.

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What rides can I take my infant or toddler on?

Short answer. You literally can take a baby on almost all rides with you. Long answer. I will tell you the height requirement rides because this is a shorter list. If you would like a full list of rides with height requirement you can see it below and download.

What do I do if I want to ride one of the rides that have a height requirement?

This is where ride swap comes in. Not sure what ride swap is? Well, this is where you can take turns riding the ride while one stays with the child, without having to stand in line again. When you get to the cast member you just tell them you want to ride swap. They give you a ticket and when the one who rides first gets off you go back through the fast pass line which if there is a wait it usually is only like 10 minutes. When you get back to the cast member you give them the ticket and the other adult rides. My older kids loved this because you can get 4 tickets to ride swap so my husband would go with them then they would get to go back through and ride with me.


Which Park is best for my Toddler?

You know your child better than I do so think about what they love to do. My opinion is the Magic Kingdom, which is my favorite too by the way. I love the Magic Kingdom for Toddlers because there are so many rides at the Magic Kingdom they can ride. There are so many characters to interact with. I would recommend starting off with breakfast at the Crystal Palace. This is a buffet style dining experience so that child under 2 who you have to share your meal with can eat off the buffet and you get your own plate! Woohoo! Your little one also gets to meet Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet.  This is such a fun interaction. Make sure to have your autograph book and marker ready.

Check out a fun no ride attraction for your toddler at each park…

The Magic Kingdom

At the Magic Kingdom, your kiddos can cool off from the heat of the day at Casey Jr Splash ‘N’ Soak Station. This is located in Fantasyland. Your toddler can run and play around this themed train, the animals on it shoot water out to cool of all the kids while they play.

The Animal Kingdom

At the Animal Kingdom, your toddler can go to the Boneyard. They can dig in the sand to find fossils, climb on rocks and go across a rope bridge. all while you take a quick breather.


Grab a free Duff the Bear while you are walking around the world showcase. Your little one can get a stamp at each station and stop to color and decorate their bear too.

Hollywood Studios

In Toy Story land you can interact with the toy soldiers. See all the characters from Toy Story. If your child is a Star Wars lover, you have ample opportunity to see and interact with many different Star Wars characters.


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