What are kids wanting this year for Christmas

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Have you started shopping for Christmas yet? Christmas is fast approaching as Walmart informed me the other day with a big sign counting down “56 days till Christmas”. What? It was just summer, ugg I’m not ready to start Christmas shopping yet!


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What’s the “Must Have” toy this year?

I have compiled a list of what I think maybe the “it” toys this season. I had a little help from my kiddos; I showed them some of the toy fliers from the stores that have released their deals already. Below is a list of what we as a family decided everyone is going to be wanting this Christmas.

Hatchimals Surprise

These are twins, that speak to each other.  The egg comes with two inside it. They do require 2 double aa batteries.









Wow Wee Finger Monkey

I venture to say me or Santa Clause one will end up getting this for my daughter. She went crazy for this just had to have! Below is Bella Baby. There are multiple different ones and different colors. These monkeys interact with your child. They talk, blink eyes, move the head and blow kisses.



Etch A Sketch Freestyle Toy

A twist on the old style Etch A Sketch that we all know. Comes with a stylus and when kids doodle it has a rainbow effect.


RC Flying Ball

This is one my 7-year old picked. Has LED lights, and is remote controlled. It can sense objects close to it so not to crash into something.










Teddy Ruxpin – Official Return of the Storytime and Magical Bear

Teddy Ruxpin is back this year and has been revamped for more interactive play with your child. Now you can link him up to the free app. No wifi needed so he can go anywhere your child goes.  There is a sing-along mode and comes with 3 free stories.










Luvabella is another interactive toy. She has true to life facial expressions and movement. She will learn as your child plays with her, the more you talk the more words she learns. She is like having a real baby. She comes with a bottle, spoon, binky, and play lamb. You will need 4 c batteries.

BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer

Do you have a Star Wars fan on your Christmas list like me? He will interact with other Star Wars droid (by Sphero)and is App enabled.








LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

Plays music, link up with app to make it customized for your child. This is a 14 piece set.



I don’t have this list in any specific order; just a list of what may very well be top toys this holiday season.

You can shop for any of the above by following the link below.



Have a Magical day ~ Teresa


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11 Replies to “What are kids wanting this year for Christmas”

  1. My daughter actually has the shapes and sharing picnic basket and LOVES it! I also love that Teddy Ruxpin is back. I remember the original 🙂

    1. I remember the original too. I am getting the picnic basket for my little one.

  2. We used to own the little picnic basket and my daughters loved it!

  3. My kids have been begging me for those fingering monkey and unicorns. I just can’t see spending that much on something so tiny. Haha

    1. Amberly, I know what you mean, they are very small my daughter is wanting one too. I fear she will lose it but it does look really cool. It does a lot of interactive things.

  4. That little finger monkey is adorable…and I have a nephew who might love that star wars droid. Sadly, my kids are older and want expensive things like phones and cameras now…ugh!

    1. I had to laugh because I have kids from 38 down to 1 so I know what you mean.

  5. Anything for a 9 year old kid? I still don’t know what to buy him!!!!

    1. Cris I would check out Beyblades. My boys love them and they aren’t terribly expensive, just be prepared to have to battle with him. I can’t seem to add a link here but just click one of the above links and look for Beyblades.

  6. We have the Leap Frog Picnic Basket and my daughter has loved it. She’s had it for a couple of years and still uses it. She plays with it in a different way now than she did when she was 18 months, but it is a toy that will last a while!

    1. Thanks for the input Melissa. I had planned to get it for my 1-year-old so I guess it is a good bet for her.

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