5 Apps You Must be using Now to Save Money

My top 5 favorite money-saving apps

Are you worried about how you are going to pay for Christmas again this year? I know, I’ve been there too. The stress of the holidays quickly approaching; having to charge gifts again this year. After all in you just finished paying off last year’s holiday gifts. I truly know how it feels, I have been in the exact same spot.

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About 3 years ago I wanted to take our then, two foster children, to Disney. I just didn’t know how we could swing taking them. After all taking 3 kids to Disney would be quite expensive. I am a stay at home mom; so we are fanatically trying to make it on my husband’s income alone. I was determined that we would take them; so I set out to find ways to save money. I knew I could diligently start clipping coupons; but that could be so daunting. I hated the thought of spending hours searching for deals, clipping coupons, matching them up to best deals, oh and remember to take them to the store. After all, I am so scatter brained; I blame it on being a mom. Never the less I started right there, cutting, watching ads, and comparing prices. I knew there had to be an easier way and I was going to find it! I started looking on the web for how other people with large families did it. I found a couple of apps you download on your phone. My saving journey bloomed from there.




By far my favorite is Ibotta and here is why. It is so easy when you are a busy mom to use. You get money for buying things you purchase and use every day. You do what you’d normally do shopping, then just load you’re receipt and watch the balance grow. I have been using Ibotta since July 2014. I have earned $440. I cashed out begin of Aug 2017 for a family trip we were taking to TN. In less than 3 months I’ve earned $35. It’s easy to get the money you earn too. All you need is a PayPal account. The money is sent to your PayPal account and then you can send it from there directly to your bank account. For more money through Ibotta you can link the app to your Facebook account and your friends who are also using Ibotta help you grow your account by just being your friend and doing their normal shopping. When you follow the link below to sign up you get $10 thank you gift. How could it get any easier?


Follow the link here to sign up for Ibotta


Checkout 51

Around the same time I started Ibotta I also started using Checkout 51. It’s a little slowing moving growing your money. I still use it, but in the last 3 years I have only saved $65. I figure that is money I did nothing other than upload a receipt to earn. Checkout 51 is basically same principle as Ibotta. You shop, upload your receipt and receive money for things they offer money back on that specific week. When you cash out they send you a check for your amount.

Follow the link here to sign up for Checkout 51



This is another slow-moving cash back app. I have received $8 in six months of using it. They pay out immediately via PayPal. They only have a small list of items you can get cash back for each week.

Follow the link here to sign up for MobiSaver



Shopkicks was added to my “saving” app folder 2 years ago; though I really didn’t do much with it for at least a year. When you walk into a store you open the app; voila, you receive “kicks”. While in the store you can also scan items the app has listed to search out and scan them to receive even more kicks. I don’t do this as I am usually in tow with 2 little ones. I just can’t stop to scan an item without one of my kiddos taking off. After shopping you can also upload your receipt to gain even more kicks, they have listed of particular items you can receive kicks for each week. They have other ways to gain more kicks that I have not utilized. Shop via their app and receive kicks for shopping. Watch videos to gain kicks. Kicks are worth points. After you accumulate so many points you can redeem them for a gift card of your choosing. I have cashed out for $15 during the past year. Not too shabby for just walking into a store.

Follow the link here to sign up for Shopkicks.



Last but not least is Swagbucks. This is another big one you can really make some serious cash on if you put in the work. Throughout the past year I have accumulated 11,100 in Swagbucks which is $111. I have heard about more than one person who has used this app/website to fund their entire trip to Disney! One would really need to utilize the Swagbucks website to fully benefit from Swagbucks. Here is how it works. You watch videos, do surveys, take polls, and shop on-line via their site. Each day there is a swag alert; you will get an alert on your phone/computer telling you where to go to get the code. After you have the code you simply go to their site/app and enter the code to receive your Swagbucks. They pay out via gift cards. To get additional Swagbucks you can redeem your gift card on their site to make your purchase and get more Swagbucks for making the purchase. Win-Win.  In my opinion Swagbucks can be time-consuming but it really does pay out well. If you are able to take the time to be on the computer to do the videos and such you could really make some big bucks with Swagbucks.

Follow the link here to sign up for Swagbucks.


This is my list of saving apps I’ll be using to save this holiday season. What’s your favorite way to save? Do you have an app that you feel should be added to this list? I’d love to hear about it. When you try my list of some of money-saving apps please let me know what you thought. I can’t wait to hear how my favorites worked for you!






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  1. I love Ibotta but hadn’t heard of the others here. I’ll have to take a peek. Swagbucks looks interesting to try!

    1. Jenn, Ibotta is definitely my favorite but I really think that Swagbucks could be a huge money maker if I just had the time. Let me know what you think when you check them out.

  2. I use some of these apps and they’re a great way to make a little money.

    1. Agree Nina, you wont become rich but sure helps with cash, and why leave free money out there.

  3. I’ll be honest I haven’t used any of these apps! Now I’m thinking ill have to start using them haha very good post 🙂

    1. Thanks Blanaid. Let me know what you think of them once you try them out!

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