Why you should be using a travel agent

Why you should be using a travel agent


Do you utilize a travel agent when you go on trips? I’m going to explain today why you should be using a travel agent on your vacations. I will be using the example of a family trip to Disney to explain in detail why you can save money, time, and sanity using a travel agent.


A travel agent’s services are FREE! Yes, you heard right, it cost you nothing to use a travel agent. They are paid for their service through whatever destination you are traveling to. So if you plan a trip through a travel agent to Disney, once you have traveled Disney pays your travel agent for there service. Therefore you have no out of pocket expense for having a travel agent it is only a benefit to you.


Money, Money, Money

Travel agents are there for you. They truly want to save you money and time. That is in there best interest because if you are happy with what they have done for you, chances are your next trip you will come back to them. So yes using a travel agent can save you money right from the start.

Magic Kingdom

As a travel agent, if you have booked through me, I keep an eye out for pricing for you. If I see that Disney now has a discount they are offering during the time you are traveling I will make sure you get that discount. Disney will offer up to 30% off rooms and free quick service dining from time to time. If they were to offer this and if falls during your travel time, I will ensure that you get this discount even though you have already booked.


Just never thought of that

We know the ins and outs of your destination. If you are a first timer going to Disney I am going to give you advice on things you may not even think about. For example, if you have a 6-year-old who normally does not use a stroller, I would tell you that you may want to think about taking a stroller to Disney. You will do a lot of walking and even your 6-year-old is going to get tired. We all know what happens when a child gets tired. You say you don’t have a stroller, no problem there are many places in the vicinity of Disney that will rent to you. They will bring it to your resort and you just leave it when you leave.




If you are getting the dining plan you will want to make reservations so your kiddos can meet their favorite characters. I will make sure to get as many of your dining reservations as you would like right at 180. You won’t need to sit on the phone or keep refresher your browser to get that dining reservation at cinderella’s royal table (cinderellas castle) that your little princess just has to have. At 90 days I can even make your fast passes if you would like.


But I want to handle it

You say you’re someone who likes to have the control over planning the dining and FP. No problem I can be as hands off as you like. Maybe I will only be there to schedule your trip and save you money. You can make as much or little of your plans as you like. It is your trip you are in control, I’m only here to help as much as you want.


As you can see there are so many reasons to utilize a travel agent. So why aren’t you?

Why utilize a travel agent

Love to hear your thoughts, do you use a travel agent?














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